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3D-model: Submarine HMS E5

The British E-class submarine, HMS E5, disappeared on patrol in 1916 during the turbulent World War I years. A hunderd years later in 2016, Remy Luttik started the Subident01 project, which aimed to identified some wrecks (possible submarines) above the Dutch Islands, North Sea. An expedition was organised in collaboration with the Dutch Cultural Heritage agency, Rijkswaterstaat, The Dutch Navy, Coastguard, Foundation “nabestaanden onderzeeboten”, foundation “Noordzeewrakken” and the dive teams “Zeester”and “Duik de Noordzee schoon”. The dive teams were able to identify one of the wrecks as the HMS E5. This model was made from the video footage of diver and cameraman Peter van Rodijnen.The original model has a dense point cloud of 54 million points and 10 million faces.

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